• City councilwoman demands answers from Atlanta Watershed Management

    By: Erica Byfield


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta city councilwoman says she wants answers about her city's water department so badly, she's willing to lay her career on the line. 
    Felicia Moore spoke to the City Utilities Committee on Tuesday. 
    "I'm getting on the motivation stage, so be careful, I'm not going to let this go," she said. 
    Moore was one in a list of animated speakers during the meeting that focused almost entirely on Watershed Management. 
    "I've tried to my best to be politically correct, to be nice, to be professional, but when I see people in my face slapping me back and forth like I'm nobody, like what I’m telling you is lies, like these employees are lying to you, I take that personal," said Watershed Union President Gina Pagnato Murphy.
    Within recent weeks, Channel 2 Action News exposed a series of issues within Atlanta's water department; like theft of city property, low morale and questions about huge raises for select employees.
    Moore brought all of those issues up and then asked Commissioner Joann Macrina if she thinks there are management issues in watershed and if the department is in a critical state.
    Macrina did not directly answer the questions, "I have a long list of do lists and they range from one thing to another.”
    Councilman Alex Wan was not satisfied with Macrina’s answers. 
    Macrina went on to tell the group most of the problems stem from the need for more training and more employees
    Earlier in the meeting, Atlanta's city auditor released a memo.  It describes the issues that the audit department will explore within the Watershed Management including recent thefts.
    The report should be complete by August. 
    Moore told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield she is looking forward to those answers and is ready and to put her career on the line to get her own questions answered.
    "There are some very serious and critical issues that need to be resolved," Moore said. 

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