• Child who fell down well talks to Channel 2

    By: Diana Davis


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - The 7-year-old girl who fell down a Carroll County well just before New Year’s is home now and back in school.
    Channel 2 Action News has been keeping you up to date on her progress.
    Friday, Channel 2’s Diana Davis spoke to Megan Winters for the first time about her accident and recovery.
    She's still in a wheelchair, but Megan’s recovery from a fall down a 50-foot-deep well has been nothing short of miraculous.
    “I (stood) up, I went to go turn around - it just gave up and fell,” Megan said.
    Megan said she remembers every minute of her fall to the bottom.
    “As I was falling, I stopped myself like this inside of the well and then this arm just snapped and it popped. Like I was crumpled into like a big huge ball everything broke,” Megan said.
    One arm and both legs were broken. What worried doctors most was the possibility of brain damage. Her skull and the bones around her eye were fractured.
    “I got head injuries. They had to do surgery on my eye,” Megan said.
    Megan’s brain function is normal and so is her once double vision. Megan is back in school with her second grade class.
    “She really is just a miracle child. It’s amazing that she can go from three and half weeks in the hospital to such a quick recovery,”  said Megan’s mom Melissa.
    There's still lots of hard work and physical therapy ahead.
    Megan has rods and screws in her right leg. Her left leg remains in a brace.
    “It’s painful this morning. They had started trying to let her put her weight down on her left foot. She still can’t put any on her right leg whatsoever,” Melissa said.
    Although the Winters have health insurance, many of Megan’s expenses were not covered. That's why they're having a fundraiser Sunday at Franks Family Restaurant in Palmetto from noon to three. The restaurant is located at 1188 Collinsworth Road.
    The costs are not only for the surgery, but Megan’s hospital stay and the rescue have been staggering, Melissa said.
    “It’s been $34,000 for just the helicopter ride and then you've got two surgeries, two different years of deductibles,” Melissa said.
    Though her husband is still working, Melissa can’t go back for a few more weeks while she stays at home caring for Megan.
    Despite the financial hardships, the Winters are counting their blessings.
    Megan told Davis she’s glad to be home and out of the hospital.
    “I get to see my cats and be one whole family again,” Megan said.

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