• Child with muscular atrophy fulfills dream of becoming police officer


    COVINGTON, Ga. - A child with a rare disorder had his dream become a reality.

    Five-year-old Morgan Steward of Covington suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic disorder that often takes away the ability to walk, and even breathe.

    Morgan and his family have faced many challenges with this disorder, but never let his dreams get away from him.

    Channel 2's Carl Willis went to the Covington Police Headquarters Monday to help this young boy's dreams come true – to become a police officer.

    The Covington Police Department arranged for Morgan to become an honorary police officer. The mayor swore him in, administering the oath of office, while Morgan was wearing an official uniform and a department issued hat.

    Morgan's family stood by seeing him fulfill his dream, and added that Morgan even knew the Miranda rights.

    "Every day he's reading me my Miranda rights in his own little words," Morgan's aunt Alicia said.

    Many children with SMA do not live to see their first birthday, and Morgan is surviving and thriving.

    Morgan will take on his first duty as an officer by leading Covington's Christmas Parade this weekend.

    He also received a key to the city and is excited to lead the parade on Saturday.

    "Thank you for making my dream come true," Morgan said.

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