• Thieves hit metro area charity twice in 2 weeks


    ATLANTA - A charity is fed up with repeated attempts to break into their facility and steal merchandise intended for the needy.
    Founder Eslene Shockely said it was insult to injury. Two weeks after thieves broke into her southeast Atlanta charity, they were back. 
    But this time, they couldn't get in. Shockley says Caring for Others was ready.
    "The police came (and) they scattered," Shockley told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.
    Channel 2 Action News first showed the damage thieves left behind in July. They broke right through the wall of the Caring for Others warehouse.
    At that point, the thieves got away with $15,000 in supplies that were supposed to be handed out to children during a back-to-school giveaway.
    "The people are being hurt because when they take away. I have less to give," Shockley said.
    After the July break-in, Shockley said they made immediate changes.
    "We put up lots more cameras more security inside," Shockley said.
    And now they have capability to monitor around the clock. The careful monitoring is what prevented thieves from getting in the second time.
    The security measures come at a cost. In addition to losing thousands of dollars in merchandise, the charity invested thousands on the security enhancements. They say it was a necessity.
    "You hate to have to do this all the time, but it's just something we have to do. If not, our livelihood is gone, the people we are trying to help, everything is gone," Shockley said.
    Caring for Others helps families in metro Atlanta and children around the world. The charity is supported by donations and through sales at this discount store.
    "If there is something that you need, ask and shall be given. Knock and the door shall be open," Shockley said.
    Shockley said she's willing to help anyone, but she is fed up with people who think they can just take.
    "Don't try it again because this time it will not be good. You will be caught," Shockley said.

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