• Channel 2 tours Colorado lab that creates medical marijuana oil

    By: Lori Geary


    ATLANTA - Channel 2 Action News gained exclusive access into a Colorado lab that produces a special strain of medical marijuana that could soon be shipped to Georgia. 
    Channel 2’s Lori Geary just got back from Denver, where she met up with two of the five Stanley brothers who grow the special strain. 
    It’s named Charlotte’s Web, after a 5-year-old little girl who suffered from severe seizures, up to 1,200 a month, and now has at the most two seizures a month. 
    Paige Figi, Charlotte’s Mom, told Geary that the family had given up hope on their daughter.
    “We were in fact asking for her to just please pass away.  I felt like I was just keeping her body alive.  Suffering was awful to watch.  This is not a life, there’s no quality of life left.  I just felt if it was her time, I gave it my blessing and she survived,” Figi said.  
    Charlotte not only survived, she is thriving – able to walk again, she’s talking, riding a bike and when Geary was in Colorado, she was not available for an interview because she was skiing. 
    Jesse Stanley told Geary they don’t know exactly how the medicine works but it does.  He says when these kids go for their brain scans, doctors are pleasantly surprised that the seizure activity is much lower. 
    “The No. 1 reason we don’t give out this plant is quality control, also so that some of these other companies don’t price gouge these families who will pay anything for it,” Stanley said.
    Geary met several families in Colorado that moved from metro Atlanta to Colorado to help their children who suffer from severe seizure disorders. 
    State Rep. Allen Peake, who is sponsoring the bill in Georgia to legalize cannabis oil under very tight restrictions, also traveled to Colorado Springs and Denver to get a firsthand look at the oil and talk to the families who are seeing vast improvements in the quality of life for their children. 
    “I am more motivated than ever that this is something we have got to do for Georgia families, and I look forward to going back to Atlanta and sharing the message with my colleagues,” Peake told Geary.
    Hearings on Peake’s bill begin Monday.

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