• Channel 2 employee's wife goes into labor during snowstorm


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - One of our own, Channel 2 technical operator Kevin Dorsey, almost became a news story when his wife went into labor during the height of the snowstorm.
    The couple’s fourth child wasn’t due until Feb. 13, but decided to make an early entrance.
    Kevin’s wife said she started feeling heavy contractions Wednesday morning and decided to call 911 for an ambulance. She and Kevin had just enough time to get their three other kids dressed before the Paulding County Fire Department were at our door.
    A few minutes later, the firefighters received a call that the ambulance couldn't make it through our neighborhood so they would have to drive Kevin’s wife to the entrance and transfer her to the ambulance there. Kevin would have to find his own way to the hospital.
    After a slow and careful drive through the neighborhood (and some fishtailing into a curb to avoid a father sledding down the middle of the road with his kids) they made it to the ambulance.
    What typically would have been about a 15 to 20-minute drive to the hospital took close to an hour.
    Kevin’s wife’s parents made it to the hospital just in time for the labor, where they held an iPhone so she could FaceTime with Kevin and have him "virtually" there for their son's birth.
    Matthew Greenwood Dorsey was born at 4:10 p.m., healthy and safe. After a slow and icy drive, Kevin made it to meet him about two hours later.
    While it may not have been the ideal situation, especially not having Kevin at the hospital the whole time, they said there were so many little blessings and miracles along the way. Surely a day to remember.

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