Carter grandson arranged Romney video's release



ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter's grandson is making national headlines after helping leak controversial comments made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Dunwoody native James Carter IV told Channel 2’s Lori Geary he thought it was important to release the video but didn’t expect all the attention that came with it.

“I never thought that I would become part of the story,” he said.

The video has gone viral in the world of presidential politics. It was secretly taped at a high-dollar fundraiser in Florida. Romney told attendees 47 percent of Americans “believe they are victims” and that the government should provide for them.

The younger Carter, an out-of-work opposition researcher, tracked down the person who made the recording and leaked it to the magazine Mother Jones. Carter said Romney’s remarks fit the narrative Democrats are trying to paint.

“One of them is he's this out of touch rich guy.  Another one he doesn't care about the middle class,” Carter said.

Later, Romney said the comments weren't "elegantly stated" and they were spoken "off the cuff," but hasn’t backed off of them. Georgia's attorney general, a staunch Romney supporter, said he applauds Romney for not apologizing.

“The governor's comments were simply suggesting that we need to have a society geared on hard work rather than government dependence,” Olens said.

Carter said his grandfather congratulated him Tuesday morning on his involvement in the video’s release. The younger Carter said he agrees with many of his Twitter followers who call this poetic justice because Romney has spent months assailing his grandfather’s record.

“It definitely adds to the satisfaction,” Carter IV said.

He also said since the video’s release, job offers have been pouring in.

Romney is expected to be in Atlanta on Wednesday for another private fundraiser.