• Carpenters say they have not been paid for apartment complex construction

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - Some Atlanta-area carpenters say they spent three weeks repairing a College Park apartment complex and have yet to see a dime for their work.
    Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh spoke to the workers about the action they're now taking.
    The workers turned to the carpenters’ union after, they claim, their work at Turnbury Apartments went unpaid. 
    The contractors and the owner of the property claim otherwise, but they wouldn't answer any questions on camera.
    Security at the Turnbury Apartments told Kavanaugh to leave before she could ask the owner about these workers' claims.
    Fernando Buenrostro says he and several other carpenters began renovations at the complex Dec. 16.
    Buenrostro says typically the workers would get paid every two weeks. But he says then, three weeks passed and he never saw a dime. They now wonder if they will ever get paid.
    Another worker, Rafael Ordaz, worries about paying the rent. All the workers told Kavanaugh they need their money to pay their bills, and they really needed it around the holidays.
    "Comes to $7,792 for these four workers here,” said Jimmy Gibbs, with the Southeast Carpenters’ Union. “Then we had five more come forward Monday."
    "We much rather see them pay these guys and just move on to something else. But in a lot of cases, of course, unfortunately, legal action has to be taken,” Gibb said.
    Buenrostro says it's a bad feeling when the bills come and there's no money. It's very stressful.
    The union has negotiated a meeting with the workers, the property owner and the contractors first thing Thursday morning to try to resolve this.
    The union rep says the subcontractor claims to have paid the workers cash but did not have paperwork showing that.

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