Carjacking turns into multi-car crash in Atlanta

by: Jessica Jaglois Updated:


ATLANTA - Atlanta police say a vehicle was carjacked around 12 p.m. More than six hours later, an officer spotted the stolen vehicle on Jonesboro Road near the Interstate 285 overpass.
According to police, the officer tried to pull the vehicle over but instead, the driver crossed the median and crashed head-on into two other cars. The driver then jumped out of the car, ran from the overpass down to I-285 and crossed all lanes of traffic before police were able to catch him.
Atlanta police say a passenger also ran but was caught by police. A third suspect was ejected from the backseat and was sent to Grady with serious injuries.
The victims in the civilian cars were sent to Grady Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
A witness said he was almost hit by the stolen vehicle.
“Another few steps and that would’ve been it for me,” said Mark Keel. “God was looking out for me.”
Another witness, Ronnie Pattillo said he saw the whole thing.
“I don’t have a TV, I kind of live on the streets, but I got to see a live episode of COPS tonight,” Pattillo said.
The names of the suspects and their charges were not immediately available for release.