• Call-girl admits to giving Milton man heroin, friend says 'no freaking way'


    MILTON, Ga. - A friend is giving new insight into the overdose of a local man.
    Milton Police are reopening the case after learning his ex-girlfriend is the admitted prostitute now accused in the overdose death of a Google executive. 
    The move came after interviews with Alix Tichelman in California.
    Police said she admitted to giving heroin to her boyfriend here before his death from an overdose.
    Milton police said there was nothing suspicious at the time popular club own Dean Riopelle died from a drug overdose in his north Fulton home last September.
    "I think my boyfriend overdosed or something.  He won't respond," Tichelman can be heard saying on 911 recordings from the night Riopelle overdosed.
    “'Is he awake?" the operator asked Tichelman         
    "His eyes are open but no, he's not awake," Tichelman said.
    Tichelman, a high-priced prostitute, is accused of intentionally injecting heroin into a Google executive and leaving him to die on his yacht.
    Two months before, Tichelman made the 911 call, telling the dispatcher Riopelle's overdose was accidental and that he'd been drinking and taking painkillers.
    "Why do you think it's an overdose?” the 911 operator asked Tichelman.
    "Because there's nothing else it could be," Tichelman answered.
    Milton police told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach they are going over videotaped interviews she gave to investigators in California, where Tichelman admitted to providing the drugs to Riopelle.
    The owner of Masquerade, an Atlanta nightclub, was also in a band.
    In an interview over the phone, bandmate Allen Vine said he had suspicions about his friend's death.
    "I always thought he died of a heart attack. That's what his family was telling everybody. Of course when they got the toxicology report they were probably just as stunned as I am. There's no way that guy did heroin. No freaking way," Vine said.
    Meantime, Tichelman remains in a California jail on $1.5 million bail.

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