Burglary victim says thieves sprayed dog with chemicals



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Neighbors in a DeKalb County community are concerned after a string of break-ins.

One woman told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri thieves pushed through her air conditioning unit to gain entrance to her home, and then tried to harm her dog.

Karen Jack said her Terrier mix, Buddy, is still shaken up after someone broke into her McLendon Avenue home three weeks ago.
“They stole a 42-inch TV, an iPod,” Jack said.

Jack said the thieves tried to keep Buddy quiet by feeding him and spraying him with bug repellant and deodorant.

“They wanted him to be quiet, so they were cramming cookies in there and whatever else they could cram in there and spraying him with bug spray or whatever they could spray on him,” Jack said.

DeKalb police said there have been six burglaries on McClendon Avenue in the last three months. Earlier in June, police arrested someone in connection with one of the burglaries.

Jack said she called police two days after her break-in when she saw suspicious teens near her home, but they were gone when police arrived.

Police said they have focused effort in the area because of the recent burglaries.

“I just know that they’re taking advantage of people that are working and they know somebody’s not home,” Jack said.