• Recorded break-in unveils drug house in Forsyth


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - Detectives say a burglary caught on tape uncovered a fencing operation and a drug house.
    Investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office looked into the burglary of three storage units.
    The incident was caught on camera at Sawnee Storage, and Joshua Williams and Ashley Laird were arrested.
    When deputies went to Settingdown Road to catch up to Williams, they said he resorted to dangerous measures to try to get away.
    "He put (his car) in reverse when he saw us and reversed in an attempt to get away about 50 miles an hour for about half a mile before he ran off the road," said Detective Kris Hall.
    Williams got stuck in the mud and was taken into custody, but that was just the beginning.
    Detectives told Channel 2's Carl Willis they followed a lead to a home in Gainesville to find some of the property Williams is accused of stealing.

    "In property crimes, drugs fuel our theft and the theft fuels the drugs," said Hall. "So, it's hand in hand and it's just a vicious circle."         
    That circle included a stop at a house on Leigh Lane where detectives found a TV in plain sight that Williams was accused of stealing.
    Hall said four more people were arrested there for drug possession and drug trafficking after investigators said they dug deeper and recovered a large amount of methamphetamine.
    "It was more of, 'Let me trade you some stolen property for some drugs,'" said Hall.
    Neighbors said they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary at the house.
    "It's a surprise of what we're living next to because we had just moved in two months ago,"  said neighbor Neil Mullins.
    Detectives said they also discovered a fence house with some of the stolen property and piles of power tools in Johns Creek.
    In all, six people were busted after Hall recognized Willaims' face, which was caught on camera moments before the initial burglary.
    "This arrest sends a big message out that we're not going to tolerate it," said Hall. "I think we put a decent-sized dent at least in that area of Forsyth County."
    Detectives said more arrests could be on the way.

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