• Burglars crash into apartment trying to evade police


    MORROW, Ga. - Clayton County police say burglars crashed into an apartment building while trying to get away from officers.

    A resident at the Morrowwood Townhomes said she heard someone kicking in her neighbor’s door and glass shattering just before midnight Wednesday. She called 911 and officers showed up in 30 seconds.

    Police said the burglars had three televisions loaded in a PT Cruiser and tried to drive off. When officers pursued them, the car crashed into an apartment building, damaging a door.

    Police arrested one suspect, but said two others got away.

    The victim, Isis Kirkland, said this is the second time this week someone broke into her home.

    “I just wish they could catch the stuff they took on Tuesday, because they broke in on Tuesday and what they didn’t get on Tuesday, they came back to get today,” Kirkland said.

    Officers were able to recover Kirkland’s flat screen TVs and give them back to her.

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