• Bullet bounces off burglary victim's hip

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. - A Rockdale County man said a robber shot him at point-blank range, but the bullet bounced off his hip and landed in his hand.
    "When I went to the hospital, I found out (if it had been) 1 centimeter higher, it would have killed me,” Travis Jac told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.
    Jac, 23, said a hollow-point bullet struck his hip, but flattened and just barely broke the skin.
    "They were like, ‘You must be related to Superman,’” Jac said.
    Jac said in April, he was trying to sell a smartphone on Craigslist. Four weeks later, a small scar is all that's left from an attempted robbery turned shooting.
    He said he arranged to sell the phone for $300 in a Lithonia church parking lot on Panola Road, assuming that would be a safe place. He didn’t go alone  -- his wife rode along with him.
    But he said the supposed buyer had other plans and also didn't come alone.
    "He pulls out the gun and shoots up in the air and then aims it at me and says, ‘Drop the phone,’” Jac said. "When I'm actually leaning down to put the phone down, the second shot went off and hit me in the hip. That's when he realized there was someone in the car. He points the gun at the car. My wife puts the seat back, she ducks. He tells me, ‘I'll shoot her.’"
    Jac said his wife scrambled to the parking lot exit. He jumped in the car as the gunman was still shooting.
    "When the detectives got there, I handed him the bullet and he was like, ‘Did you pick this up off the ground?’ I was like, ‘No, it was on my shirt,’” Jac said.
    Dekalb County police have made two arrests in connection to the case. Christopher Goode, 18, is charged with criminal attempted armed robbery, and Travorris Theadcraft, 17, is charged with criminal attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault.
    Jac said something the person said on the phone should have tipped him off.
    “He made the mistake of calling it an iPad when it was a Samsung Galaxy," he said.
    He believes the group wanted any electronics and was willing to take extreme measures to get them.
    Jac said he'll avoid Craigslist from now on, but police advise Craigslist users to set up exchanges in front of a police station.

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