Boy's wish for a white Christmas granted



CONYERS, Ga. - A 10-year-old boy who has been in and out of the hospital fighting cancer for more than a year woke up to a white Christmas.

It was one of the wishes Conyers resident Dylan Rosier had hoped for this year; the second was a cure for cancer.

Rosier was diagnosed a little over a year ago with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. For the last 14 months, Dylan has been undergoing chemotherapy.

"Santa asked him what he'd like for Christmas and he said a cure for cancer. He said, 'If that's not possible, then I would love to have snow for Christmas,'" said Dylan's mom, Brandy Moon.

Moon said her son was "in total shock" when he woke up, walked outside and saw that his wish had been granted.

"He couldn't believe he slept through the whole thing and had so many people in our yard. He was totally amazed," Moon said.

She credited several people for granting the Christmas miracle.

Moon said it all started when a photographer taking the picture of Dylan and Santa overheard that wish and set up a website. He mobilized police with the Henry County Fraternal Order of Police to help out.

"My one daughter is going to help here and we are going to make this kid's dream come true," Henry County Fraternal Order of Police President Wayne Bender told Channel 2 Action News the night before Christmas.

They had 4,000 pounds of ice and had a snow-making machines shipped in from Arizona.

When neighbors saw what was happening, they came by to help out.

"I thought I could do anything to help him get what he wants," said neighbor Reese Miller.

By Christmas morning, Dylan's backyard was transformed into a snowy landscape, giving him his white Christmas.

Volunteers said the ice should stick around until Christmas afternoon, giving Dylan and his loved ones plenty of time for sledding.

Dylan, a self-descibed heavy sleeper, spoke to Channel 2 Action News about his reaction to the snow.

"That's awesome," was his response.

On why he chose a white Christmas, Dylan simply said, "I love snow and it just never snows in Georgia. My other wish was to be free of cancer."

Bender echoed his sentiments.

"I hope that his other wish comes true -- that is, cured of his illness -- and he gets both his wishes this year."