• Residents forced to get creative during boil water advisory in Paulding County

    By: Richard Elliot


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - Some Paulding County residents still don’t have water nearly 24 hours after the county issued a boil water advisory.

    “Yes, let’s see. You turn it on and nothing happens. The most you might get is a drop or two,” said Paulding County resident Cindy Oldham.

    Oldham admits she is frustrated. She is glad that her power is back on after losing it for nearly 14 hours during the snow storm. 

    However, once it came back on, she says, her water went out. 

    “You really don’t start thinking about water issues until you’re without it,” Oldham said. “Then, you start scrutinizing everything -- brushing your teeth obviously; you can’t take a shower.”


    Channel 2’s Richard Elliot spoke with the director of the Paulding County Water Department. She says sometime after the snow storm, a signal box told the department its big union tank was full when it was actually emptying. 

    When workers tried to refill it, they couldn't. Something is wrong with one of their booster pump stations. 

    As a result, Oldham got creative.

    She started packing snow from her backyard, and at least she can use it to flush her toilets. Oldham also has bottled water for other uses. 

    “I got creative and started collecting snow from the back deck and now have snow here that we’re melting to use for toilets. Don’t drink this, but this is used for toilet and then we have bottled water to supplement that."

    Oldham says she understands the county is having water issues. She wishes it would do a better job keeping people up to date with repair information. 

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