• Bloody woman flees apartment amid standoff


    NORCROSS, Ga. - For more than an hour, residents were stuck outside of their apartments Wednesday while a man barricaded himself inside a woman's apartment.

    The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department, with help from local agencies, threw tear gas inside of the apartment to force the man out.

    The incident happened just before 12:30 p.m. at the Woodchase apartment complex at Chase Common Drive and Brook Hollow Parkway.

    Channel 2's Ryan Young spoke to sources, who said a man, believed to have mental issues, ran inside a woman's apartment, where a struggle of some sort occurred. The woman ran out of the apartment covered in blood and the man followed.

    Young said someone called 911 and an officer who was already at the complex responded to the incident. At some point, he went back into the woman's apartment, where the officer trapped him inside until the SWAT team arrived.

    After resisting negotiations to surrender, SWAT members threw tear gas into the apartment, forcing the man to exit.

    It is unclear what prompted the man to run inside the woman's apartment. The woman, who was taken to an area hospital, said she does not know him.

    The seriousness of her injuries is unknown.

    Police are trying to determine if the standoff is connected to rape cases in the area.

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