Billboard advertises product to manipulate Breathalyzer


A Buckhead billboard claiming to help drivers manipulate a drunken driving test is stirring up controversy.

The billboard on Roswell Road advertises the Breathalyzer Equalizer, a powder product that knocks out mouthwash residue, triggering a false positive on a field sobriety test, according to the company website.

“Now, Breathalyzer Equalizer is a product that's designed to reduce residual mouth alcohol. Much faster than time itself, so what I'm going to do is swish it around in my mouth for about a minute,” Ron Lloyd, a former state trooper and company representative, says in a YouTube demonstration.

The Buckhead billboard says, “Please drink responsibly,” but residents in the area told Channel 2’s Linda Stouffer they don’t buy it.

“You are putting drunks on the road,” said Barry Martin, Georgia's executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

He thinks the billboard sends a dangerous message, right down to the martini glass in the logo.

“If you get caught, you could beat the test and that false sense of hope could lead to an accident. That accident could kill somebody,” Martin said.

But police said a failed breath exam is just one of several evaluations needed to make a drunken driving arrest.

A Breathalyzer Equalizer advisor said the company is trying to assist people who are acting in a socially responsible manner, but might fail a field sobriety test and face thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

Paul Broft told Stouffer on the phone, “ All it does is eliminate errors. What we are doing is protecting lives and careers."

The company was founded by a DUI attorney and a former DUI Task Force member, who claim people are wrongly arrested every year in Georgia because of elevated results on field breath tests, even if the driver’s blood alcohol level is not elevated enough to be considered drunk.