• Bibles removed, then returned to state lodges


    MORGAN COUNTY, Ga. - The state temporarily removed Bibles from state park lodges and cabins, but then Gov. Nathan Deal stepped in.

    A guest challenged the constitutionality of having the Bibles in bedside drawers, so the Department of Natural Resources had them removed Tuesday while studying the lawsuit potential.

    That didn't go over well among some groups in Georgia, including the local Tea Party.

    “We are guaranteed a freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion. And as far as I’m concerned, this is very intolerant,” Atlanta Tea Party chairman Julianne Thompson said.
    At a news conference on an unrelated matter, Gov. Nathan Deal announced a reversal.

    “It is our intention, based on the guidance that we be given by the attorney general, to replace those bibles in those facilities,” Deal said.

    Channel 2’s Jeff Dore
    was at Hard Labor Creek State Park as a ranger returned a Bible to a room Wednesday.

    That afternoon, the state attorney general's office emailed a statement saying, “Nothing in the constitution prohibits private organizations from purchasing  Bibles and placing them in a public lodge, so long as other groups wishing to place their own literature are offered similar accommodation.”

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