Benefit set for Sandy Springs lawyer shot 8 times

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Friends, family and colleagues of a Sandy Springs attorney shot eight times last April are holding a benefit concert to raise money for her medical and therapy bills.

Police have charged Adina Parson's husband, Michael, in the shooting.  Police said the Navy veteran was living a double life, engaged to another woman when he shot Adina.  Police later arrested him in Tyler, Texas.

Since then, her former supervisor at the State Department of Health said Adina not only survived, but is thriving.

“She is not a quitter, she keeps fighting," said Sid Barrett.

Barrett told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik when he first saw Parson after the shooting, she couldn't speak.  Now, he said she is making progress on that front.

“Right now a few words," he said of her speech.  "Most of a sentence here and there is the best she can do.”

Barrett said despite the damage from bullets to her head, Parson's personality and intellect remain intact.

“She’s still the lady we worked with, still the lady we loved," he said.  " Her struggle is in regaining control of her body and regaining control of her speech functions.”

Barrett said it could cost Adina's family thousands of dollars to equip her with the technology she'll need to regain her independence, whether it's a device to help with her speech or a specialized vehicle to help her get around.

“She doesn’t have the kind of cash lying around to help with this stuff," he said.

Barrett and Parson's colleagues at the Georgia Department of Health have organized a benefit concert for Adina Tuesday night at Center Stage in Midtown. 

"Concert for Adina" will feature members of the Atlanta Institute of Music All-Star Monster Band with special guest Nathan Arizona.  The venue has donated the space and the performers are donating their time, Barrett said.  Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

"We’re just trying to raise cash, and we’ll let Adina and her parents decide what the most pressing hardware needs are for her," he said.

Center Stage co-owner Josh Antenucci told Petchenik Adina's story is a miracle and he's glad to be able to help.

"She’s just fighter and she deserves to be here," he said.  "So many of her friends are getting together to get around and help her.”