• Battle between pro-life groups take fight to Washington

    By: Justin Gray


    WASHINGTON - A big battle is brewing within Georgia's anti-abortion community.
    A group of Georgia pro-life activists is in Washington, D.C. attempting to have Georgia’s most prominent pro-life group kicked out of the National Right to Life organization.
    National Right to Life's board meets in Alexandria, Virginia, this weekend.
    They'll decide whether to end their 43-year relationship with Georgia’s most powerful anti-abortion group.
    Georgia Right to Life is a powerful but controversial voice in Georgia politics.
    Their endorsement is huge in Republican primaries.
    Georgia Right to Life's Karen Labarr traveled to Washington to defend the organization.
    “It makes an impact of several percentage points in every race we weigh in on,” Labarr said.
    With a high-profile U.S. Senate race shaping up, critics of Georgia Right to Life complain their all or nothing approach to abortion laws, with no exceptions for rape or incest, means limited effectiveness and is unfair to some candidates.
    Now a group just incorporated this month called Georgia Life Alliance, backed by some prominent state Republicans, is challenging Georgia Right to Life's role as the national Right to Life's state affiliate.
    “It’s not about philosophy. ... it’s more about the manner and method we achieve our goals," said Emily Matson, of the Georgia Life Alliance.
    National Right to Life confirms its board will make a decision at their board meeting this weekend where "both organizations will be given the opportunity to present their positions. To protect the parties involved, these procedures are handled internally and confidentially by the Board of Directors."
    “We feel like we're directly in sync with the people of Georgia,” said Labarr.
    The board will meet to make a decision Saturday.

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