• Bartow County woman believes neighbor's pit bull attacked her

    By: Wendy Corona


    EUHARLEE, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned a pit bull that attacked a woman in Bartow County has been classified as vicious.
    “I think it’s a shame that I can’t go out and walk my dog without being viciously attacked,” Euharlee resident Linda Dunton told Channel 2’s Wendy Corona.
    The 70-year-old showed Corona the bites all over her hands, arms and face.  She counts more than 50 on her body.  Her terrier, Scotty, also suffered injuries.
    “He almost tore his right back leg off.  He has staples all in it and has got severe bites on his chest,” Dunton said about her dog. 
    She was walking her dog along a wooded trail when she said a pit bull charged at them. 
    “Jumped on the front of me and knocked me down and continued to bite and tear and drag us up and down,” Dunton said. 
    She was only able to get free after she got a hold of a concrete block, hitting the dog twice with it.
    Corona tried talking with the dog’s owner, but no one answered the door.  It’s a neighbor and dog owner that Dunton believes is responsible for her and her pet’s mounting medical bills.
    “I have not heard from them, I have not seen them at all,” Dunton said.  “I was very scared because I screamed and screamed and I hit the dog and done everything to get him off of me.”
    Dunton credits what she called superhuman strength at that time for her survival.
    “I enjoy living here but I don’t know if I can continue to,” she said.
    A certified letter was sent to the dog’s owner Thursday, letting them know of their dog’s classification.
    They will have 15 days to appeal the classification in a hearing.

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