• Bandits strip home of all furniture


    STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - Investigators are searching for bandits who stripped a Stone Mountain home of all its furniture.

    Mike Smith said he was out of town when thieves burglarized his home on Southland Drive.

    “I couldn't believe someone would be able to get into the rooms and actually take almost every piece of furniture out of my home,” Smith told Channel 2’s Ryan Young.

    Smith said he’s even missing a painting of his mother.

    DeKalb County police detective Mike Hamer said the thieves returned a second time, breaking in through the back of the house.

    “They turned off the water and took the copper to the house,” DeKalb County police detective Mike Hamer said.

    Police recovered fingerprints at the home, and a resident who believed the thieves looked suspicious photographed the men. Anyone with information is asked to call DeKalb police at 678-937-2852.

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