• With snow on the way there is not a slice of bread left in Atlanta

    By: Jennifer Brett, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    When the forecast calls for snow in Atlanta, people flock to the grocery stores for bread.

    Lots of bread.

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    You’re searching for a loaf at the Woodstock Wal-Mart? Too bad, too sad.

    Here’s what you’ll find:

    AJC photo: Ellen Eldridge

    Hitting the Atlanta Trader Joe’s? Welp. Snooze, you lose. Sorry:

    AJC photo: Ana Santos

    No problem, you think. I’ll just head to the Publix on Scufflegrit Road in Cobb County. They got bread, right?


    Photo: Britt Hennessey

    The Midtown Publix had a few loaves left earlier. Not sure what the situation is now.

    Act fast, while supplies last!

    AJC photo: Ben Brasch

    You know where you can find bread?

    The Whitlock Avenue Kroger in Marietta. I ran by there this evening because I needed some cat food (plenty of that too).

    Carb up at the Whitlock Kroger! AJC photo: Jennifer Brett

    The Whitlock Kroger was slap out of sushi, though. I don’t know if that had anything to do with the snow in the forecast, or if Thursday is just a big sushi night in Marietta, or what.

    But they were tapped out:

    No sushi for you! AJC photo: Jennifer Brett

    This mom of three wasn’t buying sushi or bread. She was buying wine in a box.

    Well done, Mom. Well done.

    AJC photo: Jennifer Brett

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