Atlanta woman's luggage disappeared, returned with another person's laundry

by: Craig Lucie Updated:


ATLANTA, Ga. - A Delta Airlines passenger says her bag disappeared and when it was returned, it was full of someone else's dirty laundry.

Meaghan McCord says she was on her way to New York City to show clients some pieces of jewelry that she designed. She checked her bag and admits that she should have carried the jewelry on the plane with her, but she recently had surgery on her shoulder and didn't think she could lift her bag into the overhead bin.

When she arrived in New York City, her bag was nowhere to be found. It wasn't until three weeks later that it showed up at her door with items inside that didn't belong to her.

"I'm like that's not mine that is not mine. None of this is mine. None of this is mine! Oh and what's in this bag? Oh it's someone's dirty panties," McCord told Channel 2's Craig Lucie.

McCord wore kitchen gloves to show Lucie the other lingerie and high heels that she found inside her luggage when she finally got it back.

"I'd never wear those shoes. Are you serious? I swear they traded my stuff with a prostitute's stuff. Look! That goes all the way down to the crotch. The shoes themselves are terrible," explained McCord as she sifted through her bag.

McCord says she could also tell that someone tried on her clothes to see if they were the same size.

"When you take off tight jeans, they turn inside out so it was like somebody had gone through and sifted through what they wanted and put everything back that didn't fit them," said McCord.

Besides the missing designer clothes, the local jewelry designer says her jewelry bag was practically empty.
When McCord called Delta after filing a lost bag claim, she says she received all kinds of explanations as to why it never made it to her final destination.

"They told me that the bag was on the way, then there was car trouble and the truck was stolen," said McCord. When she heard that the courier's truck was stolen in New York City, she says she called the New York Police Department and there was no record of a truck with luggage being stolen.

When Channel 2 Action News contacted Delta Airlines, they told us that they are investigating the case. They took down Lucie's contact information, but by Tuesday afternoon, he still hadn't heard back.

McCord says a representative recently told her that it didn't appear that anything was missing from her bag when they found it.

"When I called Delta back, they said, 'Well it weighs just about the same," explained McCord.
McCord says the airline sent her a check for $3,400, but when she went to deposit it, it was canceled. She says the airline is now reissuing the check, but she feels like Delta owes her more since she can't replace the custom jewelry that she made.