• Atlanta to put in bid to host National Championship game

    By: Craig Lucie


    ATLANTA - The decision to replace college football's controversial Bowl Championship Series with a playoff system could pay off for Atlanta.

    Fans have begged for it for years, and now, a committee of university presidents is making it happen.

    "We think it's going to be a popular thing for college football, and we just got to get really good and get in that top four so we can play for one of those things," said Georgia Tech Athletic Director Wayne Hogan.

    Hogan thinks a four-team playoff is the perfect solution.

    "We've won four national championships at Georgia Tech. There's no reason why we can't win a few more, and I think this system gives everybody a fair shot," Hogan explained.

    The new playoff format is somewhat similar to the NFL and the Super Bowl, so now, Atlanta can put a bid in and hopefully have the National Championship played at the Georgia dome.

    Chick-Fil-A Bowl President and CEO Gary Stokan said a new stadium will make the city more attractive, as well.

    "We hope we can get the opportunity to host the semifinal and hopefully host the National Championship game. It would also elevate the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, and that would be a wonderful setting," Stokan said.

    Matt Chernoff, of 680 The Fan, says his radio show callers are thrilled.

    "Oh, it could be huge. Fans are happy because this is what they have wanted for a long time. I think some of the new cities -- with a new stadium coming here, for example -- are going to be bidding through the roof to try and get a semifinals or championship game and treat it like a Super Bowl week," Chernoff explained.

    A couple of other factors come into play as well as to why Atlanta would be the perfect place for the National Championship game: Atlanta will have the College Football Hall of Fame, and it has major corporate sponsors like Chick-Fil-A and Coke.


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