Atlanta offers historic church $15.5M for stadium site


A congregation of 450 church members is facing a big decision between making millions of dollars or preserving 150 years of history.

ATLANTA - The city of Atlanta is in negotiations with a historic church that may move to make room for a new Falcons stadium.

The city’s oldest black Baptist church, Friendship Baptist Church, hopes to work out a deal within the week. The plan is to move the church to make room for a repositioned Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

A representative with the mayor’s office said the city initially offered the 151-year-old church $13.5 million, but the church asked for $24.5 million. The city followed up with a $15.5 million offer.

If a deal is not reached by Aug. 1, the $1 billion retractable-roof stadium will be moved to another location, north of the current Georgia Dome.

Officials with Friendship Baptist declined to discuss the negotiations.