• Atlanta on list to play host for 2016 DNC

    By: Justin Gray


    WASHINGTON - Atlanta is one of the cities the Democratic Party is considering to play host to its 2016 national convention.
    Channel 2’s Justin Gray has found the decision could be more about electoral politics than hotel rooms and convention space.
    Atlanta had been thought of as a long shot as a convention site.
    But Georgia's changing demographics have Democrats thinking it could be in play for a 2016 presidential election and that's why they're considering it for their convention.
    From the Olympics, Final Fours, Super Bowls and the 1988 Democratic National Convention, Atlanta has proved it can handle big events.
    But as the Democratic Party looks for a home for its 2016 convention, it might be more important how Democratic candidates Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter fair in statewide elections this year than how many hotel rooms are available downtown.
    “They've proven they can handle this sort of event but also Georgia is expected to be one of the first southern states to be trending the Democratic way,” said Abby Livingston with political newspaper Roll Call.
    Livingston said electoral politics are a big part of how the Democratic Party will decide where to hold their convention.
    It's a costly proposition for communities, between $55 and $60 million.
    But a convention brings a giant spotlight. Fifteen cities have been asked to submit proposals.
    Expect the party to settle on a city in a key battleground state.
    “The political calculations totally go into these decisions,” Livingston said.
    Historically, the Democratic Party has tended to alternate conventions between the east and west.
    “The most recent one was in Charlotte so I would maybe put the weight of the scale of the states west of the Mississippi River,” Livingston said.
    Atlanta has until June 6 to submit a plan. A decision not expected until late this year or early 2015.

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