• Atlanta City Council looks to transform Underground Atlanta


    ATLANTA - Atlanta lawmakers are once again trying to rejuvenate Underground Atlanta. They have given Mayor Reed the go-ahead to work with a real estate developer to finally make the place successful.
    It was once a tourist attraction, now, it's almost abandoned and not many people visit. But once again, that could change.
    On Monday, City Council agreed to spend $8 million and buy out the city's long-term lease. 
    Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell envisions a live work play-type of community at Undergound.
    "People living, people living and buying retail and having fun still. I think that's a wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate our downtown,” Mitchell told Channel 2's Dave Huddleston.
    At a breakfast meeting Wednesday morning, Reed received a round of applause after he announced he's now looking for developers .

    "So we can finally make the Atlanta Underground what it needs to be, a vibrant piece of commerce in the city of Atlanta,” Reed said.
    But lawmakers have tried for decades to reincarnate Underground Atlanta. Huddleston asked Reed what makes him think things will turn around this time.
    "Now I believe based upon what I've been experiencing, we’re going to have a major player come to the table around Underground that's because of the amount of interests we had in Turner Field,” Reed said.

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