Teen charged in pipe bomb discovery


Federal and state authorities are investigating suspected explosives found at a Canton home Monday.

CANTON, Ga. - A 14-year-old was charged after authorities found a pipe bomb at a Canton home Monday.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were called in over suspicion of explosive devices in the morning. Canton police blocked off the area around the home on Woodbury Lane while agents investigated.

Authorities determined that there were pipe bombs in the home, and the ATF and GBI exploded one device. The devices were then shipped out to be analyzed by the ATF.

“From their appearance, they looked to be extremely dangerous, but we don’t know what the contents of each device is. That’s why they’re being sent to be analyzed,” Canton Asst. Police Chief Todd Vande Zande told Channel 2's Ryan Young.

Young was at the home as the teen and his parents, Sandra and Brian Howell, were taken to police headquarters to be interviewed. The boy is charged with possession and manufacturing of destructive devices.

Police said the home has been cleared of all devices.