Assistant principal, subordinate accused of having sex in school


Parent Kim Hoskins is shocked by Lee's resignation.

ATLANTA, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned the allegations against Deerwood Academy Assistant Principal Carnell Lee involve a subordinate and accusations they engaged in sexual activity during the school day.

Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh obtained the administrative report, which claims there's video evidence the incident happened in the assistant principal's office. Channel 2 Action News got a tip, and then submitted an open records request for the investigative file.

The Atlanta Public Schools internal investigation revealed an alleged four-month affair and included cell phone video of the two in the act inside the southwest Atlanta school. Lee’s 14-year career with APS ended in January with his resignation amid allegations he and a subordinate engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship at Deerwood.

His subordinate was a principal in training through a fellowship with Teach for America. Even though the woman resigned, she disputes the nature of relationship. Channel 2 Action News has not released her identity.

APS officials have not said what prompted its internal investigation, but Kavanaugh obtained a police report dated Jan. 5. It shows the subordinate provided a list of accusations against Lee. Atlanta police did not pursue a criminal investigation and never charged him.

Days after the police report was filed, Lee resigned. But an internal investigation was launched. APS uncovered an alleged four-month affair and a cellphone video. 

APS issued this letter, in part, to the subordinate.

"…you had consensual sex with your co-worker, Carnell lee on the top of his desk in his office…..You requested that Mr. Lee record you engaging in sex with him…you admitted to having consensual sex with Mr. Lee in his office during your scheduled work hours on two separate occasions."

“He was here one day one week and then he was gone," said Kim Hoskins, a parent said.

That's why Deerwood Academy parents were shocked by the allegations.

“If that were the case, it would disturb me greatly," Hoskins said.

"I would imagine that we would want to take appropriate action for whatever we found out to be factual," said another parent Warren Spirling.

Channel 2 called and went to Lee's home seeking a comment. He has not responded. Kavanaugh also went to the home of the subordinate. She was not available.

The APS internal investigation also uncovered of text and hand written messages exchanged between the two.