Armed men carjack two women in Fairburn



FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Gunmen ambushed two women as they checked a car for a flat tire in Fulton County.
The two women spoke out after coming face-to-face with men armed with guns. Police said surveillance cameras may have captured images of two of the three attackers.
Police think the men purchased drinks at a convenience store minutes before the armed carjacking. The two woman were no more than a quarter of a mile down the road when they pulled over to check their tire pressure and the men came at them at first with a drink bottle and then pulled out guns.
Trisha Lee and Lynn Morris have been friends for more than 20 years. They had pulled over to check the tire pressure of Lee's black Ford Mustang when three men walked up to them.
“He said, ‘Give up the car. Give up the car,'” Lee said. "He pulled a gun out and said, ‘Get out of here. Get out of here.”
“We took off running. I was afraid they were going to shoot us in the back,” Morris said.
Lee, a notary public, said she lost her notary stamp and seal, computers, and both lost their purses and jewelry.
“I felt like I lost everything when that car drove away,” Lee said.
Detectives want the public to look at the pictures snapped by the Shell gas station's surveillance camera. They don't think Lee and Morris were the suspects’ first victims of the night.
Fairburn police investigators said parked at pump two was a black Honda Accord the men stole an hour before. The car broke down in the parking lot and police think that sent them on the hunt for another vehicle.
Lee said her next purchase will be a weapon of her own.
"If I had a gun, I wouldn't be having this interview. [It would be a whole different interview?] A whole different interview,” Lee said.
If you recognize the men in the surveillance video you are asked to call police.