• 'Armed and dangerous' suspect gets away after SWAT standoff


    RIVERDALE. Ga. - Residents in a Clayton County neighborhood are finally free to move around Sunday after they were locked down due to a SWAT standoff with a man accused of domestic violence. But police say the man who triggered the standoff got away.
    It was a scary situation too close for comfort for the Riverdale residents as fully armed SWAT teams took over their neighborhood for hours Sunday, believing Joseph Poke was barricaded with a weapon inside this home.
    “It's scary cause it's too close to my house,” said neighbor Sarah Robinson.
    Police consider Poke armed and dangerous.
    Clayton Police said they were called to the house over a domestic violence incident.
    "As time's going on, it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. They're thinking that he's barricaded in the house,” said the victim’s mother, Crystal Chandler.
    But when SWAT teams finally entered the home around 8 p.m., Poke wasn't there.
    According to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department, Poke is wanted by other jurisdictions for probation violations including larceny and obstruction of an officer.
    Poke’s brother urged Poke to turn himself in.
     “Turn yourself in. Go on get this off your head so we can get out start a new lease,” Eddie Poke said.
    Police are asking residents to keep an eye out for Poke, but warned he should be considered armed and dangerous.
    "Until this guy is brought to justice, we will not rest until we apprehend him,” said Clayton County Chief of Police Greg Porter.

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