• APS superintendent visits Price Middle after shooting


    ATLANTA - Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis visited Price Middle School students on Friday, one day after a student was shot on campus.

    Fourteen-year-old Telvis Douglas suffered a flesh wound to the back of his head while at the school Thursday afternoon. Police said they took a suspect, tentatively identified as another student, into custody at the time of the shooting.

    Davis said counselors are at the school on Friday, but attendance is down.

    “I thought it appropriate to visit here today to make sure that the counselors we have in place are working and the staff is getting the support they need and certainly the children are getting the support,” Davis said.

    The shooting happened around 1:50 p.m. between classes. Douglas was rushed to the hospital and released later Thursday night.

    Atlanta police said an off-duty officer working as a school resource officer disarmed and arrested the shooter.

    On Friday, Davis said Price Middle School has two metal detectors and authorities are still unsure about whether the gun entered the main school building.

    “This campus is such that it is accessible. Kids have to walk from one building to another, so this gun could have been hidden outside and picked up on the way from one building to another and the metal detector would have no impact,” Davis said.

    Parents who Channel 2’s Erica Byfield spoke to Friday morning said they were worried about dropping their kids off for the first time since the shooting.

    “We were thinking about not coming because it was so much to take in. We just really didn’t want to come,” parent Cornelia Stone said.

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