• APD officer moves family to Colorado so son can use medical marijuana

    By: Lori Geary


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta police sergeant in charge of the illegal drug vault for the Atlanta Police Department spoke exclusively to Channel 2 Action News about why he wants medical marijuana legal in Georgia. 

    Sgt. Chris Clark told Channel 2’s Lori Geary it was not an easy decision to get his son, Caden, who suffers from a severe seizure disorder on the waiting list for cannabis oil in Colorado. 
    However, after 10 years of 17 anti-epileptic drugs and even massive surgery to remove part of little Caden’s brain, Clark says he had no choice. 
    Use of the drug is showing major improvement in kids with similar disorders. 
    Clark says he was hesitant to speak out about the issue because he has spent the past 26 years fighting to keep drugs off the streets. 
    “It’s a big step. I’ve been a conservative all my life. Once you look at the science, once you research the cannabis oil, it’s a no-brainer,” Clark told Geary, 
    Clark packed up his wife, Caden and another son so they could establish residency in Colorado. 
    However, because Chris can’t lose his pension and health benefits, he’ll be back to his job here in Atlanta next week.  
    The Clark’s story and similar stories from other Georgia parents are having an impact on Georgia lawmakers. 
    State Representative Allen Peake, a Republican from Macon, says he’ll introduce legislation next week that would legalize cannabis oil with tight restrictions. 
    “If it was my child, I’d be crawling over broken glass to get legislation passed,” Peake said. 
    Peake told Geary he’s seeing a lot of momentum on the issue at the Capitol. 
    Even the Clark’s own state representative, Rep. Micah Gravley, has done a complete flip on the issue.  
    Gravley, a hardcore conservative, says he’ll co-sponsor the legislation after talking to the Clarks. 
    So far, only the Christian Coalition has come out in opposition.  The president of the group, Jerry Laguire, told Geary the federal government considers marijuana, in any form, a Class 1 substance and outlawed it.  He says federal law trumps state law. 
    The U.S. Justice Department says it will not prosecute in states that have passed their own medical marijuana laws.

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