• Animal shelter accused of making animals live in filth


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Several people who have contacted Channel 2 Action News to say a Clayton County animal shelter is not properly caring for dogs and they believe a contract with an outside vet needs to end.
    The family who owns Pike County Mobile Pet Care has a contract with Clayton County. They also work with animal rescue groups.
    More than 30 dogs are being kept in a warehouse and the owners say they don't have air conditioning in the building, but they have a system to keep the dogs cool.
    The people who contacted Channel 2 Action News say the warehouse is just one of their many concerns.
    A group sent in video they say shows dog having a seizure inside its kennel. 
    In another picture, a dog can be seen sitting on soiled newspapers.
    People believe animals are living in inhumane conditions inside the Clayton County Animal Control shelter.
    “(It’s) totally untrue. We take care of our animals as much as possible as well as the adoption process,” said Capt. Andre Jackson with the Clayton County Police Department.
    Jackson gave Channel 2’s Craig Lucie a tour where the kennels were freshly cleaned.
    He told Lucie they are working hard to become a no-kill shelter, but every day is a challenge when animals keep coming in.
    “Are you all overwhelmed with animals?” Lucie asked Jackson.
    “Every shelter is overwhelmed with animals but we do our best to get them out,” Jackson answered.
    The people who sent Channel 2 Action News several emails declined to be on camera for this story, but they included a copy of their letter to a commissioner stating "It's bad enough that homeless dogs and cats have to sit in a shelter, but they shouldn't sit in filth, sick, unattended," said Charles Ware, owner of Mobile Pet Care.
    A letter also addresses a contract they have with Pike County Mobile Pet Care and how they keep dozens of dogs in a warehouse.
    “They request, bring dogs here, vet them, spay and neuter,” Ware said.
    Ware showed Lucie a cooling system they have built.
    “We don't have public coming in and out and upsetting the dogs,” Ware said.
    Ware said he and his wife, who is a veterinarian, are trying to prevent dogs from being put down
    “I would say to all people who want to criticize, step up, go to the pound pick up a dog,” Ware said.
    In that letter to the commissioners they say they took several dogs from the facility that had infections and needed additional treatment.
    One animal rescue group told Lucie they don't have a problem with the facility and they send dogs there all the time to be treated so they won't be euthanized.

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