• Animal advocates, animal shelter face off at commission meeting


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Dozens of animal advocates took aim at the Clayton County Animal Shelter Tuesday because they say animals are being put down too quickly.
    The advocates said at the very least, the kennel should be privately run. They said police are doing a good job with enforcement but lately, they say too many animals are being destroyed inside.
    “They're very good at enforcement. You have a good police department here, but they're not animal people,” said Maria Dorough, with Partners for Pets, Inc. “We think the kennel should be privatized.”
    But police chief Greg Porter isn't sold on that idea of privatizing the shelter.
    "I think that the police department is doing a good job and we will continue to do a good job,” Porter said.
    Porter said the relationship with rescue group, Partners for Pets, came to an end because it would not sign a formal business agreement and because of other issues that led to outbursts in the commission meeting.
    “We've had challenges with employees filing hostile work environment on Partners for Pets. Partners for Pets representatives making racial remarks to the general public,” Porter said.
    That statement led to moans from the crowd and one woman removed herself from the meeting.
    Advocates said the rate of animals being put down makes them concerned. One advocate shot cellphone video behind the shelter of workers with bags of alleged euthanized animals.
    During the meeting, the police department requested and received approval for two new positions: A rescue coordinator and an animal control technician, in part so they can become a low-kill shelter.
    "They're asking for staff to euthanize the animals and we think that's horrendous,” Partners for Pets worker Amy Adams.
    The chief said the new positions will be filled immediately. Meanwhile, animal advocates said they still believe the shelter should have a staffed veterinarian to handle euthanasia.

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