Dunwoody daycare widow sues brother-in-law for defamation

by: Jodie Fleischer Updated:

DECATUR, Ga. - The widow in the Dunwoody daycare murder case is fighting back against her critics, and suing her brother-in-law for defamation.

In court filings, Andrea Sneiderman said she was not involved in her husband, Rusty's, murder. She alleged his brother, Steve Sneiderman, slandered, libeled and intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon her by accusing her of helping to plan the murder.

"We have no peace until everyone involved in this is brought forward for their actions. In the meantime, it is clear to me that Andrea is covered in Rusty's blood and there are not enough rabbis in the world to wash away the stains," said Steve Sneiderman at a post-trial news conference in March.

In Monday's filing, Andrea Sneiderman's attorneys call it "profoundly unfair, inappropriate, and a violation of Georgia law for Steve Sneiderman to publicly accuse Andrea Sneiderman of being a co-conspirator to murder, while simultaneously calling for investigations and filing a lawsuit to determine whether or not the accusations that he has publicly made against her are true."

"We are left with the question, why. What is she hiding? Those questions must be answered and answered soon before there can be justice for Rusty," Steve Sneiderman said in March.

He began acting as his family's spokesperson following the Nov. 18, 2010, murder of his brother in the parking lot of the Dunwoody Prep Daycare. Rusty Sneiderman had just dropped off his son and was returning to his car when Hemy Neuman drove up in a rented van and shot Sneiderman several times. Neuman was Andrea Sneiderman's boss at GE Energy, and during his trial prosecutors and defense attorneys alleged an affair between the pair, which she denies. Neuman is serving a life sentence for the murder.

"Biblically, if you want to look at this, there's five negative commandments and between the two of them, they've broken them all," said Steve Sneiderman, just days after hearing DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James refer to Andrea Sneiderman as a co-conspirator.

He has yet to file any charges against her, but confirmed Monday the case is still under investigation.

In March, James told Channel 2 investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer, "We have strong beliefs about Ms. Sneiderman's involvement, the question is whether or not we can prove that beyond a reasonable doubt."

On Monday, Andrea Sneiderman also filed a wrongful death suit against Neuman, saying he acted alone when he shot and killed her husband.
She's seeking to have a judge dismiss an earlier wrongful death case filed by Steve Sneiderman, which names her along with Neuman. The earlier suit alleges she "utilized her illicit relationship with her co-conspirator [Neuman] to manipulate and influence him to murder Rusty Sneiderman." She claimed Steve Sneiderman has no legal standing to sue on his brother's behalf.

"She's been called a co-conspirator. She's been called a murderer. She's been called a devil woman and that is not Andrea Sniederman at all," said attorney John Petrey, a member of Andrea Sneiderman's legal team.

In the latest filing, Andrea Sneiderman "denies either negligently or intentionally causing or contributing to Rusty Sneiderman's death."

Steve Sneiderman relayed through his attorney, that today would have been his brother, Rusty's 38th birthday, and out of respect and remembrance he will not comment on this filing or the case. Hesaid he will continue to file his responses in court, in his pursuit of justice for his brother.