• Andrea Sneiderman denied bond pending appeal


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A judge has denied Andrea Sneiderman's request for bond while she appeals her conviction.

    A jury convicted Sneiderman in August for lying during the murder trial of Hemy Neuman, the man who later confessed to gunning down her husband Rusty outside a Dunwoody day care center.  Her attorney is appealing that conviction and wants Andrea Sneiderman out of jail during the process.

    Attorney Brian Steele argued that his client should be released from jail because she poses no threat to the community, will not intimidate witnesses and is no flight risk because of her ties to her community and her two children.

    "The children are everything to Mrs. Sneiderman," Steele said.  "She would not leave them or uproot them. Her past history proves she's not a significant risk to flee."

    But the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office opposed a bond release.  Prosecutor Anna Cross believes Sneiderman does pose a risk to run away.

    "She has every motivation to flee and evade justice," said Cross. "She has the means to do it."

    In Judge Gregory Adams' order, he said Sneiderman failed to meet the burden of proving that she is not a risk that she will flee.

    Sneiderman's friend, Joseph Dell issued a statement after the ruling.

    "While we are all disappointed in the ruling, the state has admitted that she is not a danger or harm to society.  We all hope that the parole board remembers that when they consider her case in the spring," he said.

    Sneiderman could be eligible for parole as soon as April.

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