Andrea Sneiderman enters not guilty plea



DECATUR, Ga. - The widow of an entrepreneur gunned down outside a suburban Atlanta preschool in 2010 has pleaded not guilty to charges related to her husband's death.

Andrea Sneiderman appeared at an arraignment hearing Monday morning in DeKalb County Superior Court. She faces eight charges, including malice murder and criminal attempt to commit murder.

Sneiderman was arrested in August and accused of conspiring with her former boss, Hemy Neuman, to kill her husband, Dunwoody businessman Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman. Neuman admitted to the killing and was sentenced in March to life in prison. Andrea Sneiderman has denied involvement in the murder.

Attorneys spent much of Monday’s hearing discussing deadlines for filings and motions, including the possibility the trial will be moved out of DeKalb County because of pretrial publicity.

Prosecutors said much of the evidence from Neuman's trial will be used in this case also.  

"We're still going through whatever we can find, and if we come up with more information we'll obviously give it to them, but I believe they've got everything we've got right now," Chief Asst. District Attorney Don Geary said.

That evidence totals more than 9,000 pages and 91 discs of audio and video recordings. Defense attorneys asked the judge to extend the usual 10-day deadline for filing motions in the case. Then they would have more time to review everything, to decide if they want to request the trial be moved out of the area, or suppress any evidence.

Andrea Sneiderman was released on bond but placed under house arrest in late August and has been living with her parents in Roswell.