Family displaced by fire returns home

by: Jeff Dore Updated:

Diana, a 1-month-old baby, was thrown from a second story window to escape a fire.

DECATUR, Ga. - The Baul family, who was forced to use their second-story window to escape a fire Thursday night, returned home today after spending the night at a hotel.

Thursday's fire was Mary Baul's second brush with tragedy as she also survived the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Rescue organizations brought her to the United States for medical treatment and her two youngest children were born here.

The fire started on the stove of the apartment below, leaving the family without an escape route.

"(I) trying to get out but she couldn't," said family member Stevenson Castillant, who translated for Mary Baul's Haitian Creole. "The window was the only way she could save the kids and stuff."

Baul dropped her three children to neighbors waiting below. The first, Sebastian, is in the hospital after hitting the ground. Next was 3-year-old Pierre, whose fall was broken by landing on a girl. Then came 1-month-old Diana. Finally, Mary Baul leapt from the window, reinjuring a leg she broke in the earthquake.

Neighbors, including Zna Greshner, the 10-year-old local hero who caught Diana, were there to welcome them.

"Then when I was getting out the lady from upstairs she was dropping her babies and she asked me and my sister can she get the babies for her," she said.