• Alligator snaps back as trappers remove it from Lawrenceville pond

    By: Jeff Dore


    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Neighbors in a Lawrenceville neighborhood were on edge as professional alligator trappers removed an alligator from the subdivision pond.

    Licensed alligator trappers Jason and Sarah Clark told Channel 2's Jeff Dore even a 3½-foot gator was a threat.

    The trappers said the gator was large enough to kill a small dog. Neighbors were also concerned for the Canada goslings paddling along behind their mother.

    Jason Clark's first attempt at catching the gator spooked it into the water.

    "It needs to be that first try to get him when he's like, 'I don't really know what they're doing,'" Sarah Clarks told Dore about catching the alligator.

    Jason Clark tried again and was able to haul the gator to shore. However, it struck back, grabbing onto Jason Clark's arm.

    Channel 2's camera caught all the action and Jason stayed totally calm during the incident. It took both of the pros to yank open the gator's mouth and get it off Jason's arm.

    The trappers said they usually relocate the alligators. It will be evaluated before it is released.

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