Alligator makes a home in Gwinnett neighborhood


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A 3-foot alligator has made itself a home in a Gwinnett County pond and its presence has some neighbors on edge.

Muhammed Kabir's home sits along the banks of the Dunlin Lake in Lawrenceville.

It's a short distance from where the 3-foot alligator swims, sunbathes and stalks its prey, he told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh.

"I've been seeing it for two years," Kabir said.

Authorities believe the gator was a pet that someone might have dropped off in the lake.

Pearlie Bashir also lives along the small lake. She said her family just moved in a couple of months ago. They had no idea they were sharing the waterfront property with the young reptile.

"I had seen people come and come down I thought they were just fishing and feeding the ducks," said Bashir, chuckling.

Kabir said the alligator has become almost like the neighborhood pet.

"It grew a little bit, it's still small, it's very cute too," he said.

But the concern residents have is that the gator will keep growing.

"He's going to grow up and eventually can cause trouble," Kabir said.

"Well, baby alligators become big alligators, so I would definitely would want some action to be taken," Bashir said.

Neighbors told us they have contacted animal control and the Department of Natural Resources.

The Department of Natural Resources could not confirm if they have been out to the neighborhood. But they said based on its description, the gator currently poses no danger to children or pets.

Still, some residents believe the gator has probably overstayed its welcome.

"No real boundary (exists) right here so he can just come up and go in the backyard," Bashir said.

DNR said ideally the homeowner's association would determine how they want to resolve the situation and call in a trapper on their own.