• Alabamans cross state line for Mega Millions

    By: Richard Elliot


    Thousands of Alabama residents are flocking across the state line into Georgia to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket and a chance to win $640 million.
    Forty-three states participate in the Mega Millions jackpot, but Alabama isn’t one of them. Georgia businesses near the state line, such as the Ricky Mart convenience store in Tallapoosa, are benefiting from the ticket sales. The Ricky Mart is located at the last Georgia exit along Interstate 20.
    "They're getting lots of stuff," said Ricky Mart owner Ricky Raza. "We're also selling other stuff at the store, drinks and all that, food and candies. That's doing good, too."

    Channel 2’s Richard Elliot spoke to a man who was waiting in one of three long lines at the store to buy $40 in tickets.
    "Trying to win some money to pay off my bills, man," said Calvin Searcy, of Anniston, Ala.
    The store was so crowded that Raza had to bring in extra people to man the counter.
    "It's great," said Raza. "There's so many people. We have four, five people working up here, but we can't even handle it."
    Watch the Mega Millions drawing at 11 p.m. on WSB-TV.

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