• Aimee Copeland set to return to renovated home next month


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - The family of Aimee Copeland says she is scheduled to leave rehabilitation in August and return to a newly renovated home.

    Channel 2's Tom Regan went to Snellville to get an up-close look at what workers are doing and how Copeland is advancing in her recovery.

    Copeland lost a leg, foot and both hands to a rare flesh-eating bacteria in May, following a zip-line accident.

    But her father said she is now battling back and progressing remarkably while crews renovate her home.

    Jon Klemence, manager of The Home Depot in Snellville, said workers are volunteering on their day off to help build a kitchen for Copeland.

    Features include a stove with controls in front  so Copeland can cook her own meals.  Workers are also installing new cabinets, countertops and appliances that are within easy reach for Copeland.

    "We have torn out most of the kitchen, so far, and we're going to replace it with a kitchen that's ADA compliant so she will get around the kitchen," another manager said.

    Contractors have also removed walls and opened new space for Copeland, who for now will be relying on a wheelchair to get around. Her father, meanwhile, remains optimistic about her progress in rehab.

    "She's doing 200 crunches in about seven minutes. Four hundred leg lifts in the same amount of time," Andy Copeland said.

    He said she is adapting quickly to prosthetics and is learning to conquer new life challenges daily.

    "(She's) working really hard to overcome the limitations of her disability," Andy Copeland said.

    Mr. Copeland thanks the dozens of sponsors who are donating their time and materials to renovate the home.

    Sponsors said Aimee Copeland's perseverance has inspired them.

    "Just listening to the passion she has. How she works everyday to get out of the hospital. It's just amazing; It really does drive you to do anything for them," Klemence said.

    The project should be finished within the next two weeks.


    Channel 2's Tom Regan contributed to this report.

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