Aimee Copeland to spend weeks in rehabilitation



Aimee Copeland is at a rehabilitation clinic, where she will spend the next six to eight weeks recovering after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria.

In May, Copeland, 24, contracted a flesh-eating bacteria from a wound she suffered after falling from a homemade zip line.

Doctors were forced to remove both of Copeland's hands, one of her legs and her other foot.

The University of West Georgia graduate student was released from an Augusta hospital Monday morning. Now, she will spend the next six to eight weeks at a rehabilitation clinic.

Channel 2's Manuel Bojorquez went to Copeland's Snellville home, where her father is making accommodations for her return.

"We'll have actually a fitness room where she can do yoga. She can also exercise," said Andy Copeland, adding that parallel bars can help her learn to use her prosthetic limbs.

Copeland will also have a study to assist her efforts to finish her master's degree in pyschology.

"I believe that (Amy) meditates and prays a lot about everything," Mr. Copeland said. "So entering into everthing with a prayerful attitude, I think just eases her into a new comfort level."

Mr. Copeland said it was about 7:15 a.m., while he and his wife were having breakfast, when their daughter called them and said she was ready to go to the rehabilitation center. Mr. Copeland is not disclosing the name of the facility, but he did say she will learn the basics, including how to move herself from a bed to a wheelchair.

Two months after the accident, he said he is amazed with his daughter's release, although leaving the hospital wasn't very easy.

"Bittersweet is a good word (to describe Amy's release from the hospital) because she actually grew very attached to a lot of the nurses," Mr.Copeland said. 

"Her night nurse Jacqueline, or Jackie, actually made her a doll, and on the back of the doll it said, 'This doll is made with imperfections' - just as a reminder that we are all imperfect, so I thought that was really sweet," he added.

Aimee Copeland’s family said they plan to build an addition to their home that has one floor to accommodate all of her needs by the time she returns home.