Copeland's dad pens emotional update in Father's Day blog

by: Richard Elliot Updated:



On this Father’s Day, Aimee Copeland, a University of West Georgia student battling a flesh-eating bacteria, is undergoing a series of painful operations, reported Channel 2's Richard Elliot.

Her father, Andy Copeland, shared an update on her condition in his latest blog, describing in heart-breaking detail his daughter's struggles on Father’s Day.

“I can report that over the last 48 hours, Aimee has had the most difficult pain she’s experienced through her entire ordeal,” he said.

In a later quote, Copeland states that "Amazingly, although she is suffering immensely, Aimee’s presence of mind is sharp. She looked at me with sad, raised eyebrows and whispered softly, “Daddy? Happy Father’s Day,” Mr. Copeland said.

He said the graduate student is undergoing a series of painful skin grafts as she recovers from a flesh-eating bacteria she contracted after she was involved in a homemade zip line accident.

The operations come while people around the state continue to rally for her recovery. The latest event was held at Snellville City Hall.

Attendees came from all over metro Atlanta to offer their support.

“I think she’s setting an example for everyone else. No matter what, she’s going to keep fighting,” Francis Lugay said.

On Saturday, several people turned out for Day 2 of a benefit concert to raise money for Aimee Copeland.

"There doesn't seem to be any stopping wanting to help the Copeland family," said Snellville City Councilman Bobby Howard.

Despite the painful procedures she's endured this week, Copeland decided to skip the painkillers and meditate instead.

"We're so proud of her, Snellville is," said Susan Manning, who brought rescued greyhounds to the benefit to help raise money. "Her fight, and not taking pain medication, is amazing."

Since the zip line accident in May, doctors had to amputate her leg, foot and both hands.

All money collected during the two-day event will go to the Copeland family and to Aimee's fight.

"Every good fighter needs a corner man, and we want to be there for Aimee as a community -- as her corner man," Howard said.