Aimee Copeland to appear on Katie Couric's new show



NEW YORK, NY. - Aimee Copeland, the University of West Georgia graduate student who survived a rare flesh-eating bacteria, will be a guest on journalist Katie Couric's new talk show "Katie."

Couric's interview with the 24-year-old Snellville resident will air on Sept. 11, one day after the show launches at 3 p.m. on Channel 2 (ABC).

Show representatives announced Tuesday that with the help of her prosthetics, Copeland will walk onto the stage.

Copeland contracted the rare infection in May after falling from a zip line and gashing her leg. Doctors had to amputate both hands, her left leg and right foot. She returned home last week after three months in the hospital and a rehabilitation clinic.

Still facing a rigorous recovery process, Copeland will discuss her story of survival.

Airing weekdays, the syndicated "Katie" premieres Sept. 10, when its guests will include Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.