• Aggressive fox raises more concern about rabid animals in Henry Co.

    By: Tom Regan


    A Henry County resident suspects an aggressive fox that charged him outside his home Monday night is rabid.
    "Anything that would run at me like that is not normal," said Tim Hall.
    Hall told Channel 2's Tom Regan he was on his deck around sunset when he noticed a fox racing along the fence. He went inside to get his handgun.
    When he came back out, the fox raced toward him.
    "At that point I pulled my pistol and fired a round at him," said Hall.
    The bullet missed the animal, which then circled around the yard and came toward Hall again. He called 911. When police arrived, he says the fox charged toward the officer as well.
    “He was afraid to fire his pistol because of the houses behind us. And at that point he called another officer that had a shotgun on him, I guess with birdshot. And we never did see the fox after that,” Hall said.
    In last two week, there have been five attacks involving a fox that later tested positive for rabies. Three pets and two people were bitten. The people who were attacked are now undergoing rabies treatment.
    Henry County Animal Control told Channel 2 the fox that acted aggressively Monday night may have just been a nuisance and not infected. But Hall says he's not taking any chances.
    "I have two kids, a family, dogs. What happens the next time it comes around? If there’s a big problem with foxes and rabies, they should at least try to come out and trap it," said Hall.
    The county's rabies control officer ordered a pet quarantine in the Golden Acres subdivision where two people and two dogs were attacked last week. Pet owners are advised to make sure their animal’s rabies vaccination is up to date.

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