• Acworth cop, physician resuscitate woman in QT lot


    ACWORTH, Ga - A 74-year-old woman owes her life to a doctor filling up at an Acworth gas station and a police officer who happened to be around the corner.

    The amazing rescue was captured on the officer's patrol car camera after the woman collapsed in the store's parking lot. On Tuesday, Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt spoke to the officer who helped save the woman’s life.

    “Kind of surreal still thinking about, it still boggles my mind. Someone goes from lifeless to breathing and answering your questions a few minutes later,” Acworth police Cpl. Luke Reynolds told Cavitt.

    Reynolds’ squad car camera captured the moment the woman's life started to fade Monday in the parking lot of a QT on Cobb Parkway. As a man who identified himself as an emergency room doctor started chest compressions, Reynolds performed mouth-to-mouth, but it appeared they were losing the battle.

    “There didn't appear to be any signs of life. I'm not a medical doctor, but there was no pulse. She has very pale skin, blue around the lips, her eyes aren't moving,” Reynolds said.

    But with paramedics still minutes away, the doctor and officer kept up the routine, as the woman’s worried husband hovered over them.

    “Slowly she started coming to life, starting moving a little bit. Her eyes started moving a little bit and she just started answering our questions out of nowhere,” Reynolds said.

    Before the ambulance arrived, the woman started talking, saying she couldn't remember anything in the minutes before she collapsed. It’s something Reynolds said he will never forget.

    “It's still hard to comprehend, but it's a good feeling, and I'm glad I was there,” Reynolds said.

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